A Classic Rare Gem – Hamdard Cinkara Tv Ad Eng.

This is quite a rare find. A nostalgic unforgettable gem in Indian Advertising. ‘Yeh bechara kaam ke bojh ke mara, ise chahiye Hamdard ka Cinkara’. Anyone from 90s can recognize the popular punchline as they call it. This rare, dramatic and fun TVC with a brilliant performance from Javed Jaffery made Hamdard Cinkara the most popular name in the India household.

As it captured the essence interesting captured the transformation of a tired and lazed out human to a supercharged human. A classic and evergreen TVC which is an anytime watch. Here’s the English version of the same TVC.


Poor chap so overworked
At this rate he will collapse
Oh dear, oh dear
He’s had it!
What he needs is a tonic,
Oh he needs something much stronger
Hamdard’s Cinkara.

Quite right
Because only Cinkara has 27 minerals elements essential vitamins and natural herbs.
To give you new strength new enthusiasm and new vigour

Cinkara is trusted all the year round by the whole family
The world famed family tonic Hamdard’s Cinkara

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